The birthright of Montanique Sutton, who everyone now knows as The One and Only, Monei Sutton is a native of Atlanta, Georgia; the city of opportunities!  And truly, this pioneer represents her home very well.  As not only does she reside in the city of opportunities but she provides them. Ms. Sutton is a woman of branding, confidence, and achieving. 



In similarity of most African American youth, Monei was raised in the Christian faith under the denomination of The Church of God In Christ (COGIC), in which it all started. Monei was a faithful member of her church choir every Sunday.  This is where she learned of her gift of singing.  Ladder on, she branched out by performing in her schools' talent shows and just playfully practicing in the mirror as interviewing herself as her own celebrity. Monei's ideology was clear at a young age, entertainment was her and she was entertainment.  Please, don't pull out a camera, Monei is known to strike a pose...  LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION, TAPE 2 MONEI SUTTON REVEALS 


In her city of opportunities, Miss "Monei" was crowned Miss Teen USA at the age 16. At that point, she developed more than just a career but a direction of her purpose.  This enlarged her territory so, that her title landed her gigs that only one could only the phantom.  But truly Monei knew it was to come as her love for entertainment and relationship with God, she knew if she asked it was already done. At the age 19, Monei explored life in new ventures where Monei became a proud mother at the age 19.  Unlike others,


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she didn't allow motherhood hinder her achievements but to enhance it.  Deeper than ever Monei use what she had and made it work for her and her daughter. 


Today, you can find Monei Sutton, now known as Ms. Curvalicious in the areas of motherhood, print and runway modeling, hosting her own radio show, acting in films and most of all trusting God in all that she does.  You didn't think we would give you all the details of Monei Sutton.  No, continue to follow Monei as in all bookings, you will always learn something new about Monei Sutton. 







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